Agreement between GAST/EPIC and AOC (Airline Operators Committee)    

On the occasion of the meeting of the AOC on October 10, 1995 in Munich, the following agreement was reached between the AOC, represented by Mr. Gutschi, and the police headquarters at Munich Airport, represented by Mr. Ernst.

Agreement on GAST/EPIC at Munich Airport

Bavaria has a leading role in Germany and Europe when it comes to services of general interest. In Bavaria, priority has always been given to the needs and the protection of consumers. Being a tourist destination, we are eager to provide security and support for all travellers. Thus, ensuring fast and unbureaucratic help in case of an emergency is a natural duty for the police and for airlines as service companies. This also meets the guidelines of the Bavarian cabinet concerning flexible and efficient administration.
Air traffic has the highest growth rates among all traffic types. The expansion of Munich Airport even exceeds the average growth rate. In case of an air accident or other emergencies, the airline, the dispatchers, the airport and authorities face many difficult tasks. Each of them forms work units within their own spheres which differ from the usual organisation.

Nevertheless, there is a huge amount of common tasks, interests, information and working processes which should be coordinated and managed together. Because of the close links between the tasks and pieces of information, each party needs the support of the other. To manage such a situation, the cooperation and, above all, the good will of all parties involved is needed. No airline, no dispatcher, no authority and no airport management on its own are able to cope with such a situation comprehensively and efficiently. An appropriate common institution which is necessary in this case, and which allows all concerned parties to cooperate, has not existed in Germany so far.

The participants resolve that a common centre for information and communication in cases of major incidents will be created. It will permit fast, efficient, economically reasonable and competent cooperation of all parties involved. The participants are aware of the fact that the state cannot provide all necessary services on its own. That is why they combine all their energies in a common initiative to create a synergetic effect. To support efforts which have already been made, an association will be founded. The details will be regulated in a special statute.

Munich Airport, October 1995

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