Operation in 1998    
  • ICE accident in Eschede
    A horrible railway accident occurred in Eschede, on Wednesday, 3 June 1998. On instruction of the Bavarian State Ministery of Inner Affairs, GAST/EPIC operated as enquiry centre of the Bavarian police for the first time. For six days GAST/EPIC was staffed with members of the police station Munich Airport and the criminal police station Erding around the clock. They constantly exchanged information with their colleagues from the police station Celle. Over 1,000 incoming calls were treated.

    Unlike in case of an aviation disaster, there is no list of passengers in railway traffic. At first we handled all calls as potential cases of missing persons and as time went by the list got very long. The list of the victims delivered by the local police was, due to the nature of a rail accident, relatively slow to materialise.

    The aim of the police was (and basically is) to reduce the list of missing persons to zero and to complete the list of victims. That time, we were able to communicate positive information to many next of kin. Simply receiving the information that the person they were looking for was “only” injured and in hospital “XY” was a relief for many callers. We were also able to transmit the telephone number of the respective hospital.

    During an informational visit of the Munich Airport, our colleagues from Celle confirmed that our support was very helpful. Thus, GAST/EPIC stood the test. All in all, a good start.

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