About 180 staff members of the airport police station, most of whom are involved in shift work, are trained in GAST/EPIC.

This is the reason why we are ready to operate within 30 to 45 minutes. In practice, this means that we can provide our phone number via broadcasting services immediately after an incident has been reported.

In addition to our staff members, 185 volunteers of the supporting circle GAST/EPIC have been trained for the answering of incoming calls. It is a great advantage that those volunteers, due to their profession, master a broad spectrum of foreign languages. So far, we are able to answer calls in more than 20 languages.

The volunteers from the supporting circle and the police officers from our station go through the training together.

On the training day, the focus is on the software training (GSLweb) and on basic knowledge concerning conversational skills in extreme situations (post-traumatic stress disorders).

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