GAST/EPIC is housed in the building of the Munich Airport police station. The main building of the police station is located at Nordallee 6, in the northern area of the airport (near the Visitors Park).

The Munich Airport police station can be reached via the motorways A9 and A92, the motor road Erding-Freising and with public transportation (bus and suburban railway, line 1 and 8).

Directions to the Munich Airport police station
  • Approach via the motorway A92 Munich-Deggendorf, turnoff Munich Airport
    • You are coming from the western feeder road. Follow the Zentralallee until the exit “Besucherpark/Visitors Park” and “FMG Verwaltung”.
    • Turn right. At the following junction (Westkreuz), turn left towards "Besucherpark/Visitors Park", "FMG Verwaltung".
    • Drive on until the next crossroad. Turn right into Nordallee.
    • Follow the Nordallee. Shortly before reaching the main gate, turn left at the last junction. At the end of the road you see the police station.
    • On the grounds of the airport, you will always see signs indicating “police” on the right side of the streets. Follow these signs.
  • You can also reach us via the motor road Erding-Freising, turnoff Munich Airport.
  • If you take the suburban train, get off at “Besucherpark/Visitors Park”. Cross the motorway via the pedestrian bridge and walk half-right. Pass the hill of the Visitors Park on the left, follow the Nordallee into the dead-end street to the police station. Pay attention to signs.

Directions and complete map. (PDF/~500kb)

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